Thursday, October 11, 2012

Twitter Can't Be Stopped (Not Even By Google)

Internet marketing can be quite tricky - there is so much to know, and the constantly-changing industry doesn't make things much easier. Everyone is trying to get their message out there - including myself. This post is my fifth piece of original content published in my name, so I've got a bit to go before developing a solid online presence. Big names like Twitter, on the other hand, have a pretty solid foundation on the internet (to say the least). However, that doesn't mean they don't need to worry about search engine marketing at all. Some search engine marketing gurus probably already know that since the beginning of 2012, Google began (not unexpectedly) favoring Google+ results in it's social search feature, which pretty much gave Twitter and Facebook the short end of the stick. As you may have guessed, this didn't turn out well.

In an attempt to overcome the obstacle that Google presented, Twitter created and published a full user directory. "If successful, Twitter would have expanded their reach by presenting their well-received content through a new source for their existing audience as well as providing a new channel for first time users and users that have dropped off over time," states Dan Eng, Senior SEO Strategist for Red Bricks Media

In my opinion, this seems like an intelligent solution to the problem. Not only will this help Twitter strengthen it's online presence, but the new directory feature should also help users find accounts they are looking for within various search engines besides Google. For other SEO/SEM efforts by Twitter, read the article on Digital Trends

My curiosity got the best of me, and I searched for Megan McCarthy in Twitter's directory. I selected "M" at the top of the page, and was presented with alphabetically organized sections of users whose profiles begin with that letter. I found my section and was redirected to a more extensive yet similarly segmented list of Megans, Melissas, Melodys, etc. I found my appropriate section again, and found about four more sections that included "Megan McCarthy" in the segment heading. At this point, my current page looked something like this (bird not included): 

Megan McCabe - Megan McCalla
Megan McCalley - Megan McCann
Megan McCann - Megan McCarthy
Megan McCarthy - Megan McCarthy
Megan McCarthy - Megan McCauley

Considering that there are literally hundreds of Megan McCarthys on Facebook, I can't say I was surprised. After clicking through a quite a few screens, I eventually found my spot on the list, @MeganShares. When I entered Megan McCarthy in Google, however, I was reminded of how much work I have yet to do to increase my page rankings. Who would have thought I would have so many competitors by simply being named Megan McCarthy? In any case, I've got quite a way to go - but at least I'm listed on Twitter.