Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Letter to My Father (And a P.S. to My Mother)

On Wednesday, February 4th, 2015, I had an obligation in the morning and took a half day off of work - or so I planned. Instead of taking my normal commute via Metra, I caught the blue line at Cumberland (due to the proximity of aforementioned obligation) and had every intention of getting to work well before noon. The blue line got held up because a body was found on the tracks at Division, so everyone either had to evacuate or ride the L back west. Putting life into perspective, I refrained from getting pissed and annoyed and tried to catch the bus to the Loop. Of course everyone else had the same idea, and after waiting 25 minutes in the snowfall and losing feeling in my feet and hands, I was unable to secure a trip when the bus finally arrived. I decided to call the day a wash and requested time off for the entire day.

Remembering that you would make your daily lunch visit to take Arya out to do her business, I texted you to let you know that you didn't need to stop by the house. You suggested I bring her by your office one day to visit, and I told you I would come over after I got home and had something to eat. I think I had a sandwich that day, or something else that didn't require a lot of effort to make. Being the amateur chef you are, you would probably have some comments regarding the effort I'm willing to make for sustenance going into my body, but that's another matter. After getting Arya ready for our little field trip, we headed to your office. What I didn't realize was that was the last time I would see you in your "normal" state for quite some time.